Memories of Summer

at the sand bar

Sagay Sand Bar

It’s summer somewhere else in the world, while typhoon season has begun in the Philippines.

While it’s humid and there is more threat of rain, I am dreaming of warm summer days, spent at the beach – doing nothing but soaking up the sun while floating in clear turquoise waters and hoping for more summer days like this.

The photo was taken at a beach vacation a couple of summers pasts; at a sand bar off the coast of Sagay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The sand bar is literally a strip of white sand shoal in the middle of the sea, with native bamboo and nipa sheds/huts and a lookout “tower”. People come for a day to enjoy the clear blue waters, and soak up the sun, and have a picnic. This was a drive by shot of my mother, which was taken while she was taking a walk at the tip of the sand bar and I was on an outrigger passing by.

So while summer is but a memory for me, summer is just starting for someone else in another part of the world. Here’s to summer and more summer days.


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