Sunset Over Tamsui

Last Day in Taiwanimg_4061-1

End of the Line of Taiwan MTR Red Line

Taiwan is fairly easy to navigate with its MTR lines and its amazing people.

A first-time visitor cannot really get lost when traveling Taipei as the public transport system is efficient, and when one gets truly lost and confused, the Taiwanese people have, for my limited experience, been very nice and accommodating.

Most of the itinerary in Taipei have been a Do-It-Yourself, free-flowing one where we checked out the sites and took the MTR and walked around. There was no rush to go to all the recommended spots, and timetable to meet. Except perhaps on the last day, where we had a plane to catch, which required that we would not miss the Airport Express Bus.

Our travel mindset brought us to the end of the Red Line of the Taipei Metro, and we got to walk around Tamsui.

Tamsui was a pleasant surprise. We got to check out different shops, selling a variety of souvenirs, clothing, shoes, and a pedestrian street with different street food, as well as another street with restaurants facing the sea, with a great view of the sunset, and a great place to people-watch.

In a rush to get back to our hotel but still taking the time to catch the sunset, this unplanned side-trip was worth the time. Tamsui and its sunset was a cherry-on-top ending to this pleasant trip to Taiwan.

Taipei is definitely a must visit for me, and a must-return-to place as I have only started to enjoy this.




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