Window to the Wonders of the World

This was a very quick trip around the world…around the wonders of the world. Welcome to Window of the World!

Window of the World is a theme park in Shenzen, China, in the Guangdong provice, where one can stroll around miniature copies of the different wonders and destinations around the world.

You can feel like Godzilla strolling through the buildings and sights (which what I would have wanted to do, had I not been part of a tour group, and if I was not zipping through the part in a old-timer trolley). Or it’s a cheaper alternative to seeing all the different sights, though in miniature. Or you can simply stroll around the theme park like any public theme park, as a lot of the people were doing, enjoying the open space, lounging around. Or you use the park as a checklist of all the places you’ve been to, and perhaps give you ideas for your next vacation (it sure beats simply looking at a map and picking a place). That last one was what my seatmate in the trolley was definitely doing…


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