Mixing things up

Coffee Chocolate Chip

Coffee Chocolate Chip Insanity of a Shake

(Or how the quest to make sticky cinnamon rolls ended into a day of fun and games in the kitchen…)

I started the day wanting to make cinnamon rolls, to improve on my dismal previous efforts. I began by waking up my sleeping yeasts (i.e. activating my active dry yeast). The yeast refused to bubble, and I have tried all different methods and water temperature. Checking the package they were way past expiration.

Disappointed with myself for failing to note of expiration dates and wasting ingredients, I decided to rummage through all the containers in an attempt to discard all the expired items, and to make use of those that I could make use of; and also make a mental inventory of what I still had and what to use up quickly.

I discovered containers of iced coffee cubes in the back of the freezer. I remember freezing my brewed coffee one day with the reminder to myself to make coffee shakes one time. I forgot that note-to-self and forgot those glorious black coffee cubes until the other day. Further scavenging in the cabinets yielded dark chocolate syrup, a jar of condensed milk in the refrigerator, instant espresso, and a bag of chocolate chips.

Point of no return

Into the blender went the iced coffee cubes, together with more ice cubes, instant espresso granules, a generous splash of low-fat milk (just because it was the only type at hand), drizzle of dark chocolate syrup, and some more chocolate syrup, and a way more than generous helping of chocolate chips, and because I was in that type of mood, even more chocolate chips.

There was really no method to the insane coffee chocolate chips shake I ended making that day. I added what I felt like adding, which would be why I ended  adding so much more chocolate chips because after tasting the shake I couldn’t get the chocolate bits, which it turned out were simply at the bottom of blender jar. Not creamy enough? More milk. Too liquid, more ice cubes. I was even contemplating adding chocolate ice cream, which was also in the freezer, but a wise voice or B (my cousin), told me it was too much already.

Aftermath of chips

All the goodness

Nobody got to taste the cinnamon rolls originally planned for the day, but I ended up with a coffee chocolate chip insanity of a shake and we nurtured our brain freeze, sugar rush and caffeine overload.

Here’s to more foiled-baking-plan-days, and cleaning-out-the-pantry-kind of days.


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