Siomai <3


Show some siomai love!

Showing some dimsum love.

I love me some dimsum, and I was much excited about a Hong Kong trip last May for a short summer vacation. I had such a long list of food to enjoy, and dimsum, together with noodles, was on top of the must-eats. Sadly, I was not able to fill my craving for dimsum. Perhaps the next time…but in the meantime, I will tide myself over with homemade siomai goodness.

We made pork siomai last Sunday, two months late but I finally got to indulge my cravings. This dimsum, which is a family recipe from my aunt, is made up of finely minced pork with minced root vegetables, and seasonings, inexpertly wrapped in store-bought wonton wrappers and steamed to fragrant deliciousness.

This was served with homemade chili oil (literally chilies cooked in oil until caramelized and fragrant), and soy sauce with calamansi or Philippine lime (which is like limes but smaller and a tad sweeter).

We made a few dozens but I only got to rescue some to be photographed, as it was quickly devoured. This was one of the survivors…well, before it joined it’s brethren.


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