Banana goodness

Consumption row

I finally got back to baking this weekend, and decided to bake a household classic.

My grandma and my mother used to bake banana bread. Overripe bananas in the house meant one thing, banana bread! Oh the memories of banana bread. I even remember eating banana bread in our old apartment; if I close my eyes I can still remember the smell of sweet ripe bananas wafting through the house as the quick bread baked, and I can still remember getting really impatient to take a bite while the bread was still hot.

I had all the ingredients for banana bread last weekend, and I was imagining a warm muffin with my coffee, hence, the baking foray.

These were made with lots of overripe bananas (so ripe that the skin was almost all black. The bananas were mashed, though leaving some chunky pieces which would bake into sweet and soft banana pockets but would make the muffins a bit wonky and lumpy. Two types of brown sugars, a dark brown sugar and a muscovado, were used for a darker golden color and a richer sweet taste.  In the last minute, toasted and chopped walnuts were added, for I found the stash of walnuts in the pantry. For easy portioning, and portion control, and quicker baking, these were scooped into a muffin tin.

The house has changed, the recipe too, and I am now baking instead of my mother, but I am still impatient to take a bite off the hot-out-of-the-oven banana muffins.

banana muffin bite off

big bite off the banana muffin


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