Playing with Cupcakes

I admit it, I am not the most creative of people. Nor am I very crafty or good with my hands. So taking on the challenge of improving my piping skills is that indeed, a CHALLENGE.

I have always admired the people with mad piping and decorating skills, but never have I the inclination to practice or the drive. Until last year that is. Last year, I had started giving cupcakes as gifts for Christmas, instead of the usual store-bought gifts. It being Christmas and they being gifts, I was pressured to make the cupcakes look “pretty”. The first batches were nothing to write home about. They looked decent, and people tell me they look NICE and they do taste yummy (which makes up for how it looks, I guess).

That experience literally challenged me to one-up myself. I wanted my cupcakes to not just taste good, they should look really good too. Cue, months before Christmas and my piping challenge…to get from piping-challenged to challenging piping (cupcakes that wow!) OK maybe that’s to far-fetched for now, let’s go for cupcakes good-enough to eat.

Cupcake Jemma, over at YouTube, is charming and endearing, and is inspiring. The channel is full of nifty tips, tricks and all sorts of baking treats. She had a video on piping basics awhile back. She mainly uses buttercream, while I use stabilized whipped cream or stabilized cream cheese frosting, but the tips are spot-on and simple enough to be inspiring.

Gemma Stafford and My Cupcake Addiction also offers tips and tricks on decorating cupcakes, as well as level-up decorating techniques using fondant icing. Plus an old, old blog (as the last post was last 2012) which have nice, simple decorating ideas, which are right up my alley, was milk and honey cafe. Alas Sarah, the baker yoon, no longer blogs but her blog’s still up and I still pull ideas from there.

I took their tips and ideas and experimented with what I have. Right now I have a couple or random rag-tag group of tips and a package of disposable bags and I’m having a blast. Hopefully, by Christmas, with my piping practice, I would go from piping-challenged to tempting enough to eat.


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