Hong Kong Streetwalking

Never having done street photography, and having just gotten a new Rebel a couple of weeks ago, I decided to brave the streets of Hong Kong.

This is by no means serious street photography, but consider these as my test shoots. I call them street photos simply because these are my candid takes of my travel and of the streets of the cities I find myself in.

I ended up with a bit of blurry and off-focus shots. I had shots where, even I, could not remember what I was trying to take or did not know what was going on.  I also had lots that were blown-out or underdeveloped. I was grappling with the controls in the camera, and all the photo-techobabble. Plus this was my first day in my Hong Kong weekender. I did not really know my way around, and did not even speak the language. Some people ignored me, some people looked strangely at me, some were indulgent, some smiled and probably appropriately labeled me a tourist, and I even had one store-shop lady got mad at me, berating me and running me off.

I had a blast in street walking in Hong Kong. Watching the people go by was fascinating enough. I need to get back and savor the city some more.


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