Naked Focaccia

Focaccia with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip

Fresh baked bread and dip

Got baking last week and baked focaccia.

I tried out Sorted Food’s recipe on focaccia bread, and it was way easy to follow and almost fool-proof. Though perhaps I am even worse than a fool. The bread was good but it was lacking the air pockets that I associate with focaccia bread, and I must have done or haven’t done something that the dimples on top of the bread evened out (and I was more than vigorous in poking the tops before baking).

…and if you have noticed this bread is quite “naked”…I added too little salt and oil on top that i missed the salt flecks; and no herb as I totally forgot all about (bad baker me).

However in spite of that, did I say this bread was awesome? It was delicious, but I will definitely re-try and bake this again to tweak how it turns out.

Until the next time, happy eats!


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